Drop In Ball™ Hook System

Lifeboat & Ball hook system 2

Drop In Ball Hook System.

The Drop-In-Ball™ is a patented technology that ensures that no lifeboat is released high above sea level, unintentionally.

 Many accidents and incidents have occurred over the years, and many crews seem to not feel safe during lifeboat drills and maintenance checks. There have even been some deaths during these drills.
To make regular drills and maintenance possible, and not putting crews lives at risk, we ask you to look at some of the advantages of the Drop In Ball™ hook System.

Key advantages

Compliant with IMO regulations Res.

MSC. 320 (89) and update of

LSA Code Chapter IV

On-load release does not depend on gravity

Reset of the hooks can be done by one person

Minimum maintenance required

High-quality materials and quality management applied

DIB 32 capacity up to 32 kN

Can be retrofitted on most makes of lifeboats and Fast Rescue Boats

Certified according to Marine Equipment Directive (MED) and USCG